Shark Attacks.

Oh my.
I went to see The Lion King last night and was absolutely blown away. I dont see how any one can say something bad about that show. It was truley amazing.
It does make me wonder about where I will go with my acting training but then thats another blog in itself so I will brush that to one side.
Something good that has come out of this is that me and The Beau will be seeing more shows. Next on the list is Ghost Stories and a play thats being put on at the Barbican by Complicite. I love love LOVE Complicite. Beautiful work. Its one of the few companies that I could watch over and over. Their ideas and how they excute them are how I aspire to be as an actor. IF thats even what I want to do anymore!
Something amusing that I was talking to The Beau and a friend of mine at work was Shark Attacks in Aussie Land.
It spawned from a programme I was watching that said there were 20 attacks in the last year. TWENTY.
Maybe its because Im British and have stayed quite away from swimming pools and the sea but I panicked, completely freaked out  and I then procceded to be the point of amusement from The Beau and my friend as they are both from Australia and said that it wasnt likely I was going to be attacked by a shark.
But come on, knowing my luck I will step out into that water and a shark somwhere will just know that theres new meat in the water. “Hmmm A Brit” and have a bit of Stephanie White for lunch.
I will however leave on this note. When jokingly saying to The Beau I about the the attacks and how I didnt want to die he said
“Attacks. Attacks not deaths”
Either way I dont want to be attacked or killed by a shark.

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