This Isnt How I Planned It…

Change can be good. But its also really scary.
One of my closest friends is leaving work soon and Im really dreading it. We’ve been working together for over a year and its been awesome. Ive found a really good friend and though I know that our friendship may change slightly we will still remain friends purely because I dont want to lose her.
Theres not many of the original people that I first started working with, in fact when Harry leaves Im the only original left. Bar someone who I dislike very much so he doesnt count.
Ive met some amazing people working in this bar, hell working here meant I found The One. But everyones leaving and its scary.

I think Im more upset about it because I was meant to be leaving this month. I was meant to be in Australia and this year 2010 has taught me that no matter how much you try to plan your life something will intervene.
I find it hard to live for the moment, which is weird because me of all people, being so sick, should live in the moment but I dont.
Im always worrying about something.
I think this month is going to be tough because I shouldnt even be in the UK. and though it is a blessing because Im so glad I got sick here and not half way across the world it doesnt take away from the fact I spent so much time focusing on Australia that now its not happening for another year Im completely devestated.

Going by my previous blog of being grateful for what you have I know im just having a moan. I get to spend more time with my family and friends. Just because Im in the UK for a little bit longer doesnt mean that I still cant have fun.
Also, The Beau, bless him, must be so homesick its unreal. Hes tried several times to get back but somethings always come up and to finally believe that October was going to be it and for it to be taken away must be so hard. So in comparison I really shouldnt complain because Im around my family and friends, I’m in my comfort zone and surroundings. This is where I live, another year here shouldnt be so daunting.

Ive got the person I want to be with forever so as long as Im with him, things arent so bad.
Chin up 🙂

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