When someone dies, you mourn for them.
But what do you do when someone you love is still alive but is not them anymore? The outside is the person you love but the inside is not?
The inside doesnt recognise you anymore.
When you hold their hand or touch them on the shoulder they look past you like you’re not even there.
Tell me, someone, how do I deal with that?
I went to see my grandad and spend some time with him. He’s lonely, and its so sad to see him without my nan. He copes because thats what Our family are good at. Coping.
All those years ago he married my nan for better for worse, in sickness and in health but damn, you never see alzheimers coming do you
and its a fucking slap in the face when my nan and grandad spend years saving hard so they can enjoy their retierment together and then Alzhiemers rears its ugly head and the savings go towards my nans care and my grandad is alone.
Not completely alone as he has us but its not the same as the person who you’ve spent at least 50 years together with.
Its been a tough couple of days.
 But hey, I’ll cope. After all its what My Family do best.

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