Change Is The Only Thing That is Constant

Sunday 28.11.10 12.30am
Finish work and go for a drink at the Clarance with some work friends for my Boss’s Sisters birthday. Go home and have a shower and talk to Nyree and Hari before I go to bed. About nothing in particular, just some banter before bed time.


Try and get some sleep before I have to be up at 5.30am

Wake up from an argument outside my window, try to get back to sleep but stare at the celing for a while. Hear a massive bump from upstairs and wonder whether it was Natalie or The dog Nesta.

Thought it was 5. It wasnt. Back to sleep

Alarm goes off, get up put make up on

Michael knocks on the door, Im not dressed yet.

Leave my room, managed to dress and straighten my hair in ten minutes!
Get in the car and drive to Heathrow Airport.

Get into Heathrow and wait at the Arrivals for The Boyfriend.

Boyfriend appears through the doors but goes the opposite way to where we are standing, cue me running after him in boots to catch him before he tries to get on the underground. I manage to catch him before he gets out. I dont think Ive been so happy to see anyone ever.

I realised whilst he was away that though I can live without him. I can get on with my life, do my day to day thing, see my friends and have fun. I want him in my life. I dont want to live it without him by my side.

Though I was extremely happy to have him back, my best friend Hari had her last shift. It was really sad and I hated it. The thought of her not being here any more makes me feel really sad.
I know it was going to happen but it doesnt make it any easier when it does.
Its been a weird few weeks, but Im still here, still getting on with everything.I had my day to be upset about everything and now its time to get my head down and get on with life.
Everything happens for a reason and though the door you wanted to open may stay locked, there might be another door round the corner that you were meant to open and could be even better than the one you first one you wanted.

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