Glad Today is Over…

Being sent home because you’re too sick to work. 
Fair enough
Being sent home because you’re too sick to work because you got so trashed the night before you came home and spewed up two days worth of stuff whilst your boyfriend rubs your back…
Not so good…
Its always on the evenings where you dont intend to get too drunk isnt it?! 
Im going to stay up pretty late this evening for The Boyfriend is going away for three weeks. Sad times, mostly because hes going back to Australia and he gets to leave this horrible weather behind!
I have the tv on mute and I was trying to lip read what they were saying… I think I may have to improve on my lip reading skills! 
Not looking forward to this week of work, I am however looking forward to seeing my grandad on Thursday. Im also going to see my nan, which is going to be difficult because she has Alzhiemers and is in a home. I dont want to see her like that, but sometimes you just have to get on with things dont you. Its hard because in one respect she is not my nan anymore, she doesnt recognise me, she doesnt remember anything that we used to do. Its just a shell of a person. 
On the other hand, my nan is still alive. She may not be the person I once knew and loved but shes still my nan. Perhaps this is why its so hard to see her like this. Shes my nan but she isnt.
My Grandad is coping well but it must be so hard for him to see this happen to the person that he loves. Theyve been married since they were 21 I think and they’re now 70. Crazy aye? 
Its weird how life turns out and throws you unexpected curve balls. 
I guess the trick is how you deal with it.

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