My Friends

My emotions are a little bit haywire at present. 
Im not sure whether Im coming or going, I cant seem to pull myself out of this haze. Wake, work, eat, sleep, wake, work, eat, sleep. 
What am I doing with myself? 
Im pushing and pushing but to no avail, theres a brick wall in my way and I cant break through it. I need to be strong, need to be fighting but theres so much pulling me back. 
As I try my hardest to keep going forward I feel that theres a twisty vine of doubt that latches onto my leg and slips me up. So I get up keep going but then theres two vines that grab me and drag me kicking and screaming. So I push with all my might, but theres another one and another one. 
Its too much 
I cave
Lose the fight
Doubt and its friends Hatred and self Pity drag me back to their pit and cradle me in their arms, stroke my hair,
‘hush now, We will always be here. We will never leave side’
As the daylight breaks, I lie awake and slowly Doubt, Hatred and Self Pity evaporate into smoke and I get up, plaster a smile on my face and get on with the day. 
But when the sun sets and I am alone they will come back to hold my hand and tell me its all right, I dont need anyone else for they are always with me….

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