As 2010 draws to a close its always the same thing isn’t it? 

You think back on the year and chances are you’ll decide whether you thought it was a shit one or a good one, what you want to change and how you want to go about doing it. 
Perhaps its a psychological thing that because its a new year people feel that now is the time to change. Why? Why can’t people decide that something is not the way they want it to be and change, why wait for the new year to do so?
2011 is going to be my year! Watch out! 
What on earth is that about? If you want something to happen do it! 
Everything happens for a reason and though some may be extremely hard to deal we always remember the bad things don’t we? 
This year was tough. But necessary. Its been harder than most, but you know me, throw anything at me and I will deal with it. 
Id love for this year to be happier, more experiences. But that’s down to me, that’s something I need to make happen as opposed to wanting it to happen.
Its going to be a slow start to the year, what with my surgeries but I’m hoping that by 2012 I will be completely better! I need to take into consideration that though I was told this is going to be another 5 months, it could take longer. I could have complications and it might take some time, we will see though. This year I don’t want to have any plans. I just have ideas that I would like to follow through. Plans, for me, just cause hassle and disappointment if it doesn’t go that way! 
So goodbye 2010. You have given me a lot to think on but bring on 2011 and lets see what happens. 

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