Elvis Has Left The Building

The past couple of days have been entertaining.
Yesterday I went to Clapham with the Mother to find a book for my friends birthday. They didn’t have it, cue my mum giving me squinty evil looks because its really cold and I’ve taken her away from the computer and central heating.
We went to grab some bits from Sainsbury’s and then I started to feel really sick so had a sit down. On the way home this lady was using a chair for her shopping, no no, her kitchen roll. I left it as it was only a few stops but could see The Mother giving her evils.
My mums going to start a fight with a 60year old so I can sit down. Alas we made the trip unscathed and The Mother didn’t say anything to the woman. Man did I get it in the ear when we got off the bus. I was laughing so much I had to tell her to stop because my wound was hurting.

The Mother made her famous stew, and all was well with the world. TinTin was behaving very well and Sy had come home unexpectedly. The family was up till 1am talking, it was nice.
Then at god knows what time in the morning I slowly stir and think “I should really empty my bag” you see in the stew were mushrooms and onions… something that has been known to give people gas. I unfortunately fell asleep only to wake again at 6am with the bag pretty much about to explode on me.
Cue some epically tactical maneuvers to get out of bed with out hurting myself or have the bag explode everywhere.

Mission complete I fell back to sleep and woke up at about 12.30 or so.
The Mother made me a cup of tea and I had some Shortbread. After having a chat with the Mother’s Man Friend I went to the kitchen and got epic head rush to which my body clearly couldn’t handle, spazed out completely and started shaking.
The vision went, arms and legs were flailing Im shouting ‘Oh My God’ I cant hear anything cant see anything and my body just overloads and falls over.
Smash goes the glass and my body starts to hyperventilate.
Luckily Man Friend comes in to help and calms me down. I fuzzily hear my brother say ‘damn I just though she saw something weird.’
Thanks Shane 🙂
Sitting back on the sofa and the Mother is rubbing my back and I tell them what happened. Man friend goes ‘Yeah thats what I call doing an Elvis’
Cue awesome and hilarious impression.
Well Elvis has surely left the building.

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