“Hurry up tortoise”
Thanks Shane, really appreciate that one, although I suppose its better than being called Gollum as that’s what Sy was calling me because I was hunched over and walking slow.
Tortoise seems so much better in comparison.
Yes I walk quite slowly now, more so on stairs which are a massive obstacle for me. Get caught behind me on the stairs and you’re pretty much doomed. I can almost feel the vibes of wanting to push me out the way emanating from the person behind.
On the streets I get going, full of vigour and high hopes only to be holding onto my mums arm 10 minutes later puffing and trying to tell my legs that no I cannot sit on the pavement because its not very hygienic.
It is getting better, today I managed to walk there AND back from my destination.
I then took a nap for an hour and a half 😀

Its very frustrating. My mind wants me to do more but my body is having none of it. I’m feeling a lot more tired after this operation than the last one. I am trying. My mum keeps telling me it will get better and I have to have patience but I’m a kid born in the 80’s who grew up in the 90’s and Naughties. We’re generation now. If I’m not getting it now I don’t want it. why bother. Everything is readily at my fingertips so its not surprise I want my health to be the same. I want to be able to get up and do what I want.
Pffft. Not in this life time. I need to take the time out to rest and sleep, to heal.
After all it has been a major operation.
I will just have to amuse my self with trashy magazines, books, facebook and blogging.

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