Things Could Be Worse But Its Still Pretty Shit…

This right here… this is me right now…

No matter what I go through, no matter how many times I brush it off and try to stay positive something else just rears its ugly head and pisses me off. 
Life is telling me to chill out. 
Fair enough. 
Life can you please stop throwing things at me to deal with?
How am I meant to deal with anything if you just keep on shovelling the shit on me? 
When I went to the hospital and they had a look at my wound they said it would open slightly at the top. I can deal with that. Now its splitting at the side and its starting to open even lower… meaning if it keeps on its going to triple in size. 
What the hell?
To the drs its not a major thing, they see so much worse. Mine isn’t too bad in comparison but why can’t they understand the more it splits and gets bigger the more upset I am. I don’t want my wound open at all so any kind of split is not good. I didn’t have to deal with a open wound before so why should I have to deal with it now? Why should I be content with “its going to open more” 
I don’t want it to open any more than it has. I’m the one who’s going to live with this unsightly scar, the more it splits the more grotesque it looks. God know what the scar will look like when everything is healed. 

I’m sorry, a lot of my blogs at the moment are pretty rubbish, filled with me complaining. I’m just so frustrated right now. I want a life. This is not fair. Though I can keep telling myself things could be worse, don’t get me wrong I am fully aware that they could be. But this is still pretty damn rubbish! 
Right. That’s that. Tomorrow is another day, I’m going to the drs and demanding some antibiotics coz I sure as hell am not waiting around for my body to do it by itself. 
Life you may be telling me to chill out but sometimes you have to learn when to take things head on.

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