Would Seriously Appreciate It If You Could Read This

I am sick of feeling ashamed/embarrassed/apologetic because of my stoma.
Today I was in the bathroom of a restaurant sorting my bag out because it was peeling for some reason and then I heard someone come into the bathroom.
I literally jumped into an open cubicle to make sure they didn’t see it.
How is it that I am frustrated that there isn’t any awareness about IBD or Stoma’s or anything of that ilk, yet here I am hiding myself so I don’t feel like a freak.
In an attempt for people to understand and in my quest to make people aware of this disease.
Here is something I thought I would never do.
Meet TinTin and Mr Bag.

Another one of TinTin

This is me.
That tiny red thing is my intestine aka Tin Tin, The thing in my left hand is the bag that goes over it. The white thing is where my open wound is currently open and the red scar you can see goes all the way down to about, just above where my legs meet I would say, maybe a bit higher. So yeah, big scar, but quite nicely done if I do say so myself.
I will not be ashamed any more.
I will not feel uncomfortable because of this.
This saved my life so if you don’t like it, you know where to go.

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