Something To Make You Smile

Just a quick post to cheer anyone up who’s having a bad day.
So I’m in the bath this morning, very relaxing, there’s bubbles, it smells nice.
I usually read in the bath, so there I am reading in the bath when something catches my eye.
Fuck what the hell is in the bath with me!
I shoot up thinking some god forsaken spider is in there, in all its eight legged glory.
“Hey Steph, Hows it going?”
Complete with shower cap and a little mini rubber ducky.
Or worse, making a weird swim towards me.
My bag was floating.
There it was, peaking its lil I duno flap? I’m not sure what to call it, but its there poking out like a fin.. just bobbing along.
I’m glad its a floating bag and not that spider…

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