I have a travel journey which I’ve used the whole trip so I won’t go into too much detail on here. The journal brought for me by a friend is one of the best presents ever (as you may have gathered I don’t really like using peoples names on here, mainly because they may not want to be mentioned on here)

So handy, it has sleeves and pockets to put pictures and things that you’ve collected. 
Rome was an experience, not quite what I expected but still amazing. 
The best parts were, St Peters. Frickin amazing. It was huge, everywhere had statues and sculptures and art work. We decided to walk to the top which is something like 340 odd steps, and there was a thunderstorm going on. There we were, on the top of St Peters, Rome is below us and you can see the lighting above, it was indescribable.

In Rome they have these pizza places where you can get take away pizza as a snack. It’s not a circle pizza, its these massive rectangle slices and they ask you home much you want and cut a square of it and heat it up for you! Found a great place right by our hotel.

Gelati. Oh wow, where have you been all my life? We tried in quite a few places but the best by far was a little place by our hotel which we found by accident. We had been walking home from a meal, along the river and it was quite late and we were looking for somewhere to get something sweet and Tada! In all its Gelati glory. I don’t have a picture of it but it was awesome.

The Italian roads. I literally felt that I was risking my life every time I crossed the road. It was so much fun. In the beginning we tagged behind Italians but it got to the point where we were just like “Have no fear” and strolled along.

Colosseum. Whoa. I decided I didn’t want to go in, Dan had been to Rome before and said that there was not much point to it so we decided to beat all the crowds and see it night. Definitely a good choice.

There I am, just lunging…

Some of the views we managed to see where beautiful

Things that upset me were the people that hound you to buy roses. Oh man they are ruthless, they will balance the rose on you then expect you to pay. We didn’t get lumbered with it but they start to get angry if you don’t buy anything.
Italians can be seriously rude, like nothing I’ve experienced. Dan and I had been searching for a restuarant that I wanted to go to as they do the most awesome cacio e pepe (proper macaroni cheese, actually with spaghetti) It was really far from the hotel and the metro service was shut due to works. Plus the bus system is a tad confusing! So we managed to find it, after getting slightly lost down a side street and as we entered we were completely ignored by the waiters, Dan was pushed out the way then when a waiter came over he literally said no room and left us to it!
It wasn’t so bad in the end as we found a nice restaurant but we had come so far and it was a little disheartening.
I also didn’t like that the restaurants by the main attractions have so many people trying to hound you to come in. I just want to experience awesome Italian food not some overpriced stuff you think tourists like!

TinTin on our last night leaked EVERYWHERE! Oh man. I’ve never leaked in public and he leaks in Rome. What the hell?

The last day was, wow, So bad! How many horrible things can happen in a day?
So the short story is that we had plenty of time to get to the station to then get the train to the airport. Flight was at 9.20, last boarding was 8.50. So we were chilling in a park and decided at 3pm to leave. Plenty of time.
Couldn’t get a bus from where we are and once again the Metro was closed. So after realising after half an hour of waiting at the bus stop we couldn’t get anywhere. So. Walking it is. We managed to get a bus to take us a little closer, then found a stop where we knew a bus 64 could take us to the station.
We waited an hour and a half at least and the only bus that came was so rammed we couldn’t get on.
Walking once more. Dan was like “its this way”
25 minutes later we are down some side street completely lost. Luckily found a hotel and grabbed a taxi.
Phew. Got to the station. Grab some food then get the train.
Then we realised the train was on the other side of the station. Time to run and got there just in time to see the train leave.
Oh crap. Its 6.50pm.
I’m panicking now and Dan’s all like “Its okay, we’ll get the next train and we’ll be fine, we’ve got our boarding passes, we may have to run but we’ll make the flight.”
I needed the loo and went to the nearest cafe but we had to buy something to use the toilet.
Finally got on the train.
About to pull in the station, check we’ve got everything.
No wallet.
In that wallet is my debit card, Dan’s debit card, Tickets we brought to get from Gatwick to Victoria. Everything.
So bad.
My turn to calm things down now, Dan’s fuming but there’s nothing we can do now. Just have to get to Gatwick and try and get home.
In the queue to board, a lady and a couple over heard what we were saying and were so nice that between them gave us 30 quid to get home.
How amazing. We got the bus from Gatwick taking us to West Brompton. Instead of hunting for a bus we flagged a taxi, having learnt our lesson in Rome!
We only had 15 quid and asked the taxi driver to take us as close to Stockwell as possible. He was so nice and even though it ran over 15 quid he took us to Oval which was only a 10 minute walk.
My faith in humanity is restored! Cancelled our cards and we don’t think they’ve been used thank God!
We’ve decided to put 30quid to the Red Cross because people were so nice to us when we needed it we feel we should put the money back out there.
So that was my epic trip to Roma! It was bliss to go away with The boyfriend and spend some quality time with him and more importantly be with him through this amazing experience!
I can only hope that this is the first of many awesome Travel experiences to come 😀

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