Tin Tin’s Being Naughty

1st Leak – Roma
2nd Leak – Last night at a friends house
3rd Leak – An hour ago coming off the tube.

I thought pooing yourself was for babies, toddlers and old people, No! It happens to 22year olds too, however I do have an excuse as I have a naughty Stoma if you’re 22 and pooing yourself, you may need to get yourself checked at your GP…

 I think I might have got a dodgy batch of bags, luckily I got some new ones today. How very lame.
Each time it happens I’m thankful that I’m in a position to be able to get to my stash quickly and sort myself out.
Fingers crossed Tin Tin will calm down and I won’t have any more accidents. Or I may need to threaten him, rolled newspaper at hand. HAHA theres an image, me beating myself in the stomach with a newspaper going “Bad TIN TIN! Stop shitting everywhere”

Quite a few friends of mine go running on a regular basis. I messaged one recently who is training for I think its the 5k. I told her I admired her strength and her ability to train and keep going through everything. For some reason the message plagued me for a few days, was seriously on my mind. I was sitting watching tv at The Mothers when suddenly a little light bulb appeared above me. The reason why the messaged bugged me was because as much as what she’s doing is amazing, why the hell aren’t I doing it?
Last time I checked I have legs which can take me from A to B. What were my excuses.
1) I have a stoma. 
Eurgh. Seriously? Since when does having a stoma stop you from running?

2) I may leak
Yes, you may but you have leaked whilst walking so if it happens you just get back and sort yourself out.

3) I’m unfit/weak/tired from all my surgeries
Everyone has to start somewhere. Take your time, what ever pace you need to go, its got to be better than sitting on the sofa…

4) I don’t have the time. 
Make time. The time you spent on facebook/blogging/reading, could easily be cut down, if you want something badly you’ll make time for it.

Enough of the excuses, I’ve got tons of them.
Tuesday, first day of work might I add which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, woke up naturally at about 9 and dosed till half past. Dragged myself out of bed, typical its raining. No. No more excuses. Off I went to the park.
It wasn’t an epic run, I have to take it easy because of all the previous stuff blah blah blah but I did one of those beginner programs, run for 1 minute walk for 90 seconds. Do this Eight times. It hurt I’m not going to lie. On the 7th time round I felt sick, I had a stitch and this is me running at perhaps the slowest pace known to man. I’m sure that at one point a toddler that was roaming in the park with his mum over took me, but sod it. I was running!
I was meant to run today but swapped it to go for a swim but The Boy wasn’t feeling too fresh, pahahah did I just use the word fresh? I did. I’m ashamed, I’m sorry.
He wasn’t feeling up to it as we had gone drinking last night. With his family might I add. Check me out getting to know his aunts and uncle! I will blog about the fear of meeting family at a later date.

 I woke up in a panic thinking that I’ve just messed up my whole running plan but you know what? I’ve chilled out and in fairness life gets in the way, you’re going to miss runs, just make sure you get back on it. Tomorrow before work we’re going for a swim then Saturday I’m back to running. Monday is Yoga as I’m staying at The Mothers Sunday evening so I don’t need to deal with the delivery at the pub. Always puts me in a bad mood so I’m staying away!

My aim is to run three times a week and try and get a swim and a yoga sesh in there as well.
I will let you all know how it all pans out but I’m sticking to this, I’ve been sick for far too long and haven’t appreciated my body for what it is. It’s been through a lot the least I can do is keep it in good condition!

I was going to put an inspirational picture up about running or motivation but how flippin’ great is this?!?!

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