Last Night

So last night I had a few drinks and a cheese board to celebrate having finished work.
It was really lovely to sit with a few friends of mine and just chill out, especially as one turned up who I hadn’t seen in ages but sorely missed.
I was pretty drunk when I got to bed and hadn’t been sleeping properly, The Boy had gone on a mission to McDonalds as its really good for TinTin believe it or not! Anyway, I said to him to poke me if I was asleep, off he went and I actually passed out! I was so tired, however this was not a sign of good things to come.
At about 3.30 I felt a weird sensation and The Boy was looking at me in the dark, I was extremely confused and then I smelt this seriously acidic smell and was like ohhhh crap.
The Boy gingerly got out of bed and turned the light on and I lifted up the covers to be greeted by a whole lot of poo!
My bag had split and because I was so tired/pissed I didn’t even realise!
Off I went into the shower, feeling slightly angry and confused purely because I had been rudely awakened not so much that I had pooed everywhere (and I mean everywhere)
I came back into the room because I needed some tissue and there’s The Boy with a towel wrapped around his head so that you can only see his eyes! I cracked up and went back to the shower.
I am seriously lucky to have The Boy, there’s not a lot of people that would clean up my poopie but he sorted out all the sheets and everything and even made me smile when I got back into bed.
Not to mention that but I had to wake up my Greek Mother to lend us a blanket as everything was stained.  Not a good night as I was then up every hour to empty my bag.
I’m also procrastinating as I have to pack up my stuff and go to my mothers and then clean both rooms because The Boy and I are moving into my brother’s room and he’s going into mine, so both have to be sorted and now I am literally just typing away to avoid the inevitable!
Must get going!

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