My Greek Mother

Some people who know me know that my actual mother is not Greek. My heritage is that my Mother is English and my Dad is Greek therefore making me half English half Greek.
My Greek Mother is someone who came into my life about… actually, I can’t remember when we started working together but that’s neither here nor there!
Its really bizarre that she should come into my life and be Greek. I never really had much from the Greek side of the family purely because me and Dad don’t get on. But I still am Greek, I can’t just ignore the fact that I don’t even really look English. A lot of people are like, “Where you from? You look “Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian / French” delete as appropriate.
I’ve always wanted to be able to speak Greek but as there were issues with my parents from an early age I wasn’t brought up speaking it and as My dad on saw me occasionally I never got to be around the language much.
Then Mimi came into my life in all her Greek glory and a beautiful relationship has begun.
I could say that she’s like the Greek Dad I didn’t have but that’s not true because she is not in replace of something. Also she is not a man. Our relationship is very like mother and daughter, she looks after me, feeds me, takes care of me and indeed tells me off in a way that you’d think she was my Mother.
It’s like I have two mummies.
And no, not in the way that a child may say they have two mummies if they were brought up by a lesbian couple. That’s an entirely different thing all together.
Our relationship has grown in many ways and I am extremely thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life. She gives the greatest advice, never judges me but understands all the same. Makes me laugh when I cry and gives great cuddles for when I’m feeling sad.
So Mimi this blog is for you,
“Bloody Life.”

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