First working week down!
I moved all my stuff on Monday and now begin the tedious task of arranging everything. I’ve been meaning to do it on my days off but have taken procrastination to new levels. That and I can feel a nasty cold/flu on the brink of attacking my body but I have managed to ward it off for now.
First Sunday at the new place and TinTin does a mini leak, not bad enough for it to spill onto my clothes or anything but a tiny stain appeared on the bit that is called the flange, yes that is really what it’s called, and I had to ask my mum to bring out a spare for me.
It’s sod’s law really, I go for a year without it leaking at work and then it decides to make an appearance. I should have been expecting it in fairness as I had never leaked before March and had never had any night accidents prior to the incident the other week.

I’m in a bit of a weird place mentally at the moment. I’m not sure whether its stress or because I’m in a transitional phrase right now but I’m feeling a bit all over the place.
Even as I write this I am unsure of what to type purely because I am a secretive person and I don’t want everyone to know my darkest musings, but at the same time I use this blog in an attempt to help air a lot of  thoughts.
Lets just say for now I’m in a battle and trying so desperately to overcome of a few things.

People from work were so cute and on The Boy’s and I last evening at The Grove we were greeted with balloons, banners and cake. Very much appreciated. Also a friend of mine who wasn’t very well came out for the occasion which again was very much appreciated.
I realise that there are things going on in peoples lives and that not all may be as it seems, but a thank you for hard work wouldn’t have gone a miss. It really hurt at the time but after a massive vent I decided that I don’t need approval from someone to tell me what a good job I’ve done or that I am a hard worker. I guess it just goes to show we were not wrong in making the decision to leave and experience a new challenge.

I must go now to sort out my room or it will never get done and I will forever be living out of suitcases and boxes if I continue to procrastinate.
First though to the kitchen for a cup of beloved tea and maybe a chewy granola bar slice 🙂

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