Life does not allow for blogging! I’m starting to get tired after 8 days straight of work but Hurrah (do people even say that word? or is it left specifically for a certain era?) I have an unexpected day off tomorrow.
Things I have learned since my last blog
Tin Tin does NOT like sweet corn, like seriously doesn’t like it, a piece came out whole in my bag and it was a funny colour so I panicked and thought that some of my intestine was in my bag.
“Oh my god I’m falling apart! My intestine is dissolving!”
No its just corn.
Tin Tin also dislikes takeaway curry. I’ve made my own and he seems perfectly happy with that, chowing down on some rice but takeaway… he literally spits it out as if to be like “Bitch what are you feeding me?”  I am unsure as to why he’s so aggressive but if you could see the way he spits it out then you too would think he was an angry little fellow.
I’m still in the middle of tweaking my article but its getting there and fingers crossed it will be out soon.
Oh you do hurt me so but I am slowly getting addicted. Today was the first day where I was like holy shit I’m actually running, I ran for 5 minutes straight and repeated it 4 times. Yes I did feel like I was dying and yes I felt like I was going to be sick but all those happy endorphins were rushing around my system so I’m pretty sure I’d even be chuffed about that!
Pow, I was just sick running aren’t I amazing.
Not particularly, its a little gross but alas.
7 weeks guys, 7 weeks till I am all put together again!

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