Oh. Em. Gee.

Five days have passes since my last operation and in all fairness I feel like ASS. 

The wind that the pouch is producing makes me want to cry. I seriously feel like I’m trying to pass eggs or something. I’ve been trying to eat but its hard when I feel so sick. Yesterday Mia popped round for a quick visit and ended up aiding me in getting a bucket so I wasn’t sick on the floor. Props to Mia for appearing even though I wasn’t in best form. 
Later in the evening Mel-hone-hone paid a visit and stayed all of 10 minutes or so before she left and I chundered everywhere. It was not cool. 
My mother was by my side rubbing my back which I appreciate as The Mother does not do sick. Cut your head open and she’s like superwoman, be sick and she’s more likely to join you, pushing you out the way so she can have space in the bucket. 
I am a little concerned about my stitches and the dreaded Hernia, they could be tender as I was only sliced and diced a few days ago or I could have got a Hernia from being sick. Time will tell and fingers crossed it is the former. 
Not going to lie, part of me is like what the hell have you done? I was in awesome health before this op and now I just feel like ass in the vain hope that this operation would work. 
But hey, its early days yet and I just need to let everything  adjust. My intestine has been epically manhandled, folded and stitched and asked to do a job that its not used to. I guess I just want it all to be over, I’m tired of feeling ill, taking time off work, not being able to do what I would like, it feels that I’m constantly being held back. 
I’m just having a grumble, I hope that in a few weeks I will look back on this and be all like “what was I complaining about?” 
Nap time is here, so I shall bid you all adieu and hope that my next post will be a little less gloomy. 

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