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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle” – Plato

Tis very true. It is hard to bare this in mind when I encounter people who just like to bitch about things that are extremely superfluous.
I had a weird moment the other day where I was just feeling a little tired, a little bleh from my op and was feeling a little sorry for myself. Out of nowhere I got this weird moment of clarity. Sure my life isn’t like your average 22year olds, sure I’ve been through some shitty stuff but there are some people out there who have been through far worse. I’m not saying that when everyone complains that their problems aren’t relevant, that they have no right in being sad about something because someone out there is going through a lot worse. All I mean is that people do need to keep some perspective in their lives.
It’s getting a little tiring hearing people complaining about the same old stuff. Work, money, friendships etc but I don’t see anyone doing a thing to change it.
There are things in life we can’t change and some that we can. What is the point in spending your time and energy complaining about something you can change? Even if you can’t completely turn it around, surely there is a small change you can make that will help you feel a little better?
Once you start to change one thing inevitably other things start to change too.
Furthermore why are people so quick to blame others in the shortcomings?
I do it to, I’m quick to be all “Eurgh why hasn’t so and so done this? Why can’t they be more like that?”
I’m trying hard at the moment to look and work on myself. Sure you can go ahead and do whatever you’re doing but I’m going to work on this.
Chances are you’re going to read this and think I’ve taken a liiiitle too much morphine today or I’ve just lost it and decided to take heroine for my pain medication.
It’s not that all, I’m just relaying what I’ve been observing. Having no life at present is very easy to sit back and see what’s going on.
It also gives you time to see what’s going on with yourself because, to be honest, I’ve been so quick to look at what’s around me and what people are doing I haven’t really taken the time to have a look at me.
In other less hippy news I am doing pretty well with the new plumbing. My only issue at present is that I still look like a pregnant lady, albeit not as bad as last week but seriously. I wonder what’s going on inside at the moment.
And before some smart arse is all like “maybe you are pregnant” No I am not. They make sure I’m not before I go in for surgery.
Time for tea methinks,
They say that I shouldn’t have tea, but damn it you’ve taken my large intestine away, You sure as hell aren’t taking my Yorkshire Gold away too
*shifty eyes*

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