London Adventures.

I created this blog for two main reasons.

Firstly it was to write about all my travels, to also keep people informed for when I go to Australia.
Secondly it is how I coped with having a stoma, and now how I cope with have an internal pouch.

I have realised though that it has become more of a personal blog. I write my thoughts and my adventures. Yet things I haven’t started writing about are all the awesome things I do with my friends, and the amazing places I go.

Here’s a couple of things that I’ve done that I’d like to share.
Just before my last surgery The Boy surprised me with a day out. I knew nothing about it and so our adventure started at Primrose Hill.
The weather was a little bit rubbish but the view was still awesome.

Then next on to have some dinner somewhere, we just found a pub that was opposite KoKo in Camden. The pub looked really nice but the food was lame. It was brought out cold and having waited for it for half an hour I was starving. Not Impressed.
We finish our drinks and take leave, I am nattering away asking if we’re doing anything later because I’m really hungry and would like some food and The Boy says he wants to have a look to see who’s playing at KoKo tonight.
I’d never been so was happy to go over. I hear a ticket tout shout “Tickets for We Are Scientists. Anybody looking to sell or buy tickets for We Are Scientists”
I was then put into a tiny strop because I didn’t want to go over and see all the people queuing for this band which I wouldn’t have minded seeing. Having a couple of songs and an album of theirs on my ipod.
So we’re walking away trying to figure out where to eat and I’m doing my lil “aw it’s not fair face” because I didn’t even realise they were playing and BAM
The Boy says “I guess we’ll be needing these later” and pulls out two tickets the gig.
I now having had two glasses of wine on an empty stomach go insane and start screaming and jumping up and down. Yes it was in the middle of the street but you know what its like when you’re a little bit drunk and excited. It doesn’t register that you’re in public. All I cared about was that I was going to see the gig and I was extremely excited.

Yesterday I went for a walk up to this awesome tea/bakery place with, here I was going to
put CoCo because I’m not fond of naming my friends on here but its a tiny bit pointless as you can see who she is.

That wasn’t actually my piece of cake, mine was the lemon one you can see behind. Both were equally as yummy!
Following this we went for a walk to the Hayward Gallery and the Lovely Lady here treated me to see the Tracey Emin Exhibition. Which I found really interesting if not a little sad.
I don’t usually associate words with art. Not sure why, its just something that I’ve always separated yet, Emin’s blankets are pieces of fabric woven together with letters and paragraphs which have been written either on fabric or created with fabric. (how many times can I say fabric in one sentence?)
Really awesome idea. There’s a lot of memorabilia which I find quite fascinating, especially as Lovely Lady is a born hoarder as well 😉 I keep the occasional thing but have a tendency to throw things out as I don’t like clutter. Then I regret throwing it out and attempt to keep things once more. Its a viscous cycle.
It was a really great day yesterday, bar the fact I pulled something and panicked thinking I had given myself a hernia. I found reassurance from my stoma nurse that it is most probably just a pulled muscle. I guess you won’t be able to tell completely until my stitches are out.
Which is Monday by the way.

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