My birthday was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. The Boy was lovely and organised dinner and drinks with some good friends of mine. 
We went to Wagamama’s in Leicester Square. 
The service was not exactly the greatest. Especially one waiter who got annoyed that I had switched tables. 
Those of you who have been to Wagamama’s know that they write down the number of your food on the paper table matt. 
When he tried to give me food that wasn’t mine he said “but your number says this” to which I said I had moved, this was greeted with a heavy sigh and a roll of the eyes. 
When he tried to give my friend his food he then retracted it saying “that’s not your number,” walked off in a huff to find our server,came back and then said “eurgh but that looks like a 9 not a 7” and plonked down his food. 
It’s not any of our faults that you’re having a bad shift/day/life. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand that when a customer is being a tool you may want to stab them with a fork but even then I’d do it with a smile. 
“Oh I do apologise sir, I seem to have stabbed you in your eye, terribly sorry.”
Massive grin. 
Everybody made me feel so special and loved. 
For once I didn’t over do it at the cocktail bar. Usually cocktails+Steph= A Mess but I was only slightly drunk and just had a really good time. Overall it was an amazing day. 

My pouch is being seriously naughty right now and my patience is wearing very thin. I smirk even as I type that because its not even like I can do anything about it no matter how frustrated I get. 
I can only do my usual which is grin and bear it and try to get on with my life. Once again I don’t feel 100% and I long for the time when I can go more than a few months out of a year feeling up to my best.  
Changing my job from waitress to hostess is a wise choice though. If I’m having a bad day pouch wise it doesn’t show up as badly and I can cover it well. 
I am struggling to adjust at the moment. I’m used to working completely flat out but hosting is a little more even paced. 
I also feel a little out of my depth right now so I hope that with practice I can get on and conquer this, at the end of the day I just want to do a good job.  

I was about to say I haven’t done anything interesting but that would be a lie! I had dinner at the Savoy Grill the other evening. It was at the end of a training course for Bombay Sapphire and oh wow. 
The bathrooms alone were amazing! On route to them I passed a massive room that had a cage in it with a piano! I was literally standing there with my jaw open. 
The food was amazing, we had a four course meal, soup; seafood salad; lamb with garlic mash; lemon tart. 
I literally had to be rolled out of the place and was slightly worried I was going to be sick on the tube, thankfully the feeling passed and managed to get to bed safely without seeing the meal in reverse. 

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