Double You Tee Eff.

I’m currently being the queen of procrastination, I need to pack but alas, my computer is far more interesting.
Nothing is new in my world, my pouch is slowly deteriorating and its driving me round the bend.
I’m in a lot of pain, feel sick majority of the time and feel dizzy.
Work is being understanding but I’m not going to lie, I feel like a bit of a tool. I hate calling in work sick, I am so stubborn I just power on through but things came to a head Friday and I nearly passed out in the chemist.
“Giiirrrlll you better sit your ass down”
Is what I think my body was trying to say with that one. What with being annoyed I was pushing it so hard it decided to make me take the time out.
Le sigh.
Its taking over my life and though I said I will always fight this illness, which I will, its currently got me by my hair and is punching me in the face.
I’m on holiday tomorrow (well technically I have to get up in 5 hours to sort myself out for the flight) and it is sorely needed.
I need some time away from all this pressure and figure out my next steps to take. Whilst hopefully watching a sunset with my lovely boy.
Which, by the way, we will have been together for two years on Saturday.
Bless, I do have an amazing boy and am so lucky to have him.
I need to pack my shizzle.
Night all

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