Spoke Too Soon

My pouch is still giving me troubles but no where near as bad as before.
That is what I wrote in my last post only a week or so ago.
Somehow in that small space my pouch has gone from slightly annoying to Oh-man-I-want-to-pull-you-out-of-my-own-body-and-feed-you-to-a-bear.
Yes people, pouch is giving me problems again. I’m sort of bumbling through it but its really hard when nothing but a course of antibiotics seem to help.
I am living off potatoes and porridge as they seem to be the things give me less grief.
My main objective right now is to keep hydrated. That’s what put me in hospital a few weeks ago and I am not going back there. Today I was feeling particularly poorly after a few days of intense cramps and ahem, increased toilet trips, and was getting ready for work and The Boy was like what are you doing? Then proceeded to give me a lecture on money isn’t everything, health is more important and you need to rest speech.
At first I was stubborn but eventually yielded to the fact that he’s right so am in my pjs resting and am in fact about to go to sleep before 10pm on a Saturday night. (if the fireworks permit me)
And forgive me for admitting something insanely sickly here but sometimes I wonder how I landed such a lovely person, who brings me hot water bottles in the night, who offered to research things to help me with controlling my symptoms, who stays up with me whilst I complain I feel sick and strokes my head knowing it will help me sleep.
Yes you may remove your head from the bowl that you are being sick in, I’m finished now, but I have to give the dude some credit I can be a COW. This illness can make me one cranky bitch, and trust me you would too if you dealt with the pain and frustration I go through! but he just gets on with it, so yes I had to highlight that this journey is made easier by having someone so supportive of me and give the boy some praise.
I’m keeping a food diary now to see if I can see if there is something specific that triggers it and keeping the diet to things I know will help so, potato, porridge, peanut butter, rice, bread (in moderation as I have a sneaky feeling I can’t eat a lot of processed food) I’m not sure how I’m meant to get in my fruit and veg as it gives me cramps/spasms.
I want to go to a dietician to see if they can give me some guidance.
Anyway guys, just thought I’d give you an update, will give you more of an update soon, I need sleep before work tomorrow (last shift before I become a regular 9-5er!)

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