Quick Note

I am at breaking point.
My pouch is having a major effect on my life right now and it is driving me up the wall.
I’m lucky I can hide this very well, to the point where people actually really don’t know what’s going on but right now I need to vent before I end up having some serious break down.
I am just deeply fucked off, yes all eloquence has flown out the window, with this pouch.
I’m frustrated I’ve gone through so much to only be where I was when I was diagnosed with UC.
I am sitting here in floods of tears and you know what its not even “oh my god I can’t cope with it tears”
its “Fuck you I’m not letting you beat me” tears.
This pouch will settle even if I have to drag it kicking and screaming.
I’m looking at an extremely helpful blog and hopefully I can take some advice.
This is only a quick vent but I just want to say in case there are any other people going through some hard times right now
Don’t give up.
You are much stronger than you think.

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