2011 Reflection

2011 has been manic. 

Two major operations. 
A total of 21 nights in hospital. 
Five Months and One week in recovery from hospital stays. 
Countless medications. 
Three job changes. 
Two trips abroad. 
A lot of tears. 
A lot of smiles. 
Looking back on my year I feel that I spent a lot of time wishing my life away. Once it hit January I was so excited to be having my second operation that’s all I focused on. Once I had recovered, my sights were on the next operation. The operation that I had been focusing on since I first had the surgery. 
Its all been a bit of an anti climax in all honesty. I thought that would be it, I’d have a few months of getting used to being stoma free and then I’d improved and all would be well.
I’d sort out all my visa applications and then I’d be waved off to Australia. It was meant to be the end of this month.
Oh how wrong I was. 
There have been some amazing moments; seeing a thunderstorm from the top of The Vatican in Rome; walking on an active Volcano in Santorini; wearing a pair of jeans for the first time in over a year and feeling comfortable; just to name a few. 
I’ve found a job where the people are so amazing, so kind and just so bloody awesome that I actually want to go to work. 
I can’t help feeling like I missed out on a lot. Yes I know that having two operations in the space of 6 months would put anyone out but I feel that I was so focused on getting all these hurdles out the way I didn’t stop to appreciate all the amazing things that were in front of me. 
I decided that it would be fine to take myself off antibiotics for a few days so I could celebrate New Years. Teeny Tiny mistake on my part. 
My body laughed and nudged my brain “Is this chick serious?” 
Brain shrugged “I duno man; she never learns does she?” 
On the contrary I had an awesome night and danced my socks off, however I have been ill since. It has been worth it but I won’t be taking the piss with my body again. 
Oh gosh this post is a bit of a downer!
I need some sleep as I have work in the morning and right now my head feels like cotton wool and so I shall bid you adieu.  

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