Little Too Much Ambition?

About this time last week I was sitting in Nandos with a friend of mine discussing my schedule for the week.
I was excited to get on it and see what times I could hit.
I was feeling pretty optimistic with what we had planned, I had put it all in my new diary (Christmas present from said friend) and woke up early Monday morning to put my plans into action.
You know how the Monday run kicked my ass!
I was sleepy for the rest of the day.
Tuesday was stretch day. My alarm went off and I forwarded it an hour and got up my usual time, promising to stretch when I got back from work.
Yeah, that didn’t happen and I went out with friends (I have to have a social life somewhere no?)
Wednesday saw me up again this time trying to see if I could do something about my pace. Roll on the interval training.
Feeling pretty decent after the run and did some strength work.
Thursday saw an opportunity to take a yoga class before work.
Didn’t take that opportunity and stayed in bed. I felt better for it as I was feeling pretty knackerd. Spent the day trying not to lift my hands too far above my head.
Friday was another interval training day before work and some time spent on legs legs legs. Got a few yoga stretches in there for those tight muscles.
Today I made it to the gym for a swim only to find that the pool was closed. Gutted as I made the effort but did not let the session go to waste, took some time out to reflect in the sauna and steam room, once again stretching those tight muscles for a hard session in the morning.

I can honestly say I was far too ambitious with my schedule as my body isn’t used to running more than twice a week let alone only having one day off a week for rest!
All week at work I have been sleeping in the staff room on my break. People have asked me if I’m okay as I’ve been a bit quite this week and its purely because I am so sleepy! This running malarky is going to take some getting used it.

I’m feeling apprehensive about my up and coming runs because as of tomorrow, I will be off antibiotics. I was meant to come off them on Friday but I extended it purely because I am so worried that I’m going to flare when I come off them.

I am really not sure how my body is going to cope with my running antibiotic free, but the only thing I can do is try.
 I’m not going to push it too hard because I’ll end up in hospital purely because I just don’t know when to quit. I’ve spent so long fighting against my body, trying to get it to do what I want because I’ve missed out on so much being ill for so long.
But I won’t be able to put my body under so much pressure. This is a major learning curve for me, I’m going to have to sit back and listen to my body instead of going in with my usual “My-Way-Or-The-HighWay” attitude.

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