My First

Over the Christmas break I got some amazing gifts.
Today I got the gift that I will be using the most over the next few months

I walked up to the rows of trainers and gently I let my fingers glide over the different kinds. A small smile played on my lips. I knew as soon as I put these on they were special.

My old trainers have taken me through some pretty tough times, remember the run 1 minute walk 2? I could only do that for about 20 minutes and here I am now able to run for 4.34km straight, no breaks.

It is time for the reinforcements. These bad boys are going to take me through my first 10k. I am so excited for this cold to be over so I can get on the training band wagon.

I never ever thought I would be a runner. Hell the first time I tried to really seriously get into running I ended up in hospital.

It was the first week of Christmas break. My drama teacher had told us to get fit because we would need it for the play we were about to do.

I was back in my London home and thought I should go for a run. Off I went round the block, it was freezing but I had wrapped up warm. It was tough but I went for about half an hour. It was drizzling and I had begun to feel achey and shakey before I even got through my front door.
I ran a bath and lay there until the water was cold, I was so exhausted.
I slept in my brothers room because I didn’t want to be alone. I had never felt so ill. I ended up going to the a and e the next day because I was feeling so dreadful.

They kept me in a week over Christmas and I had to spend Christmas day in hospital.
I remember ringing at 11.45pm on Christmas eve ringing my mum crying because I couldn’t believe I had to be in hospital over Christmas.

I gave up running from there believing that it just wasn’t meant for me. I’m not a runner.

Little did we know people… here I am 3 years later training for a 10k!!!

I am finding it immensely challenging but, and I never thought I would say this, I am loving running. Those miles that I am clocking up are surely kicking my ass!
I will be sure to keep you updated, but for now I would just like to say thank you to The Boy who is helping me through this adventure, and for buying me my first ever running trainers.

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