I am just so tired right now.
I am not sure.
Since I’ve started training all I want to do is sleep.
I’ve been running in the mornings which is making me seriously sleepy for work. I nap in the afternoons, emerging from the staff room angry that I am awake, sporting crazy hair and a beautiful couch mark across my cheek.
At first I put it down to my body not being used to running regularly but after my epic 6.5km I took a little break because my body was clearly like wtf? and I am still completely exhausted.
Today, for example, I slept 13 hours, albeit I did get up 4 times (irritable pouch) and I woke up feeling like I had  less than 6 hours sleep.
I am seriously lacking energy.

I have been off antibiotics for over a week now and surprise surprise my pouch is throwing a tantrum. The diet is hard to stick to but I am sure with my consultation in a few weeks it will get easier.

Irritable pouch. What is it? I am hearing a few of you ask, well it means I visit the sacred place (bathroom) perhaps 6-10 times a day and once at night if I’m lucky.
Food tends to go straight through me and I get intense spasms and cramps.

The frequency is not so much an issue,  I can handle going to the bathroom a lot, its the cramps I can’t take. Its the sort of stop-in-your-tracks-and-stay-completely-still-so-your-intestines-don’t-burst-out-of-your-body kind of cramps.

I have found that the more exercise I do, the less cramps I have. I haven’t a clue why!
I’m slowly figuring out what my pouch likes and what it doesn’t. Onions and crisps are on the Me No Likey list.

Anyway, I just thought I’d give a quick update as I’ve been quiet for a few days.
I’ll keep you all posted on whether this tiredness lets up.

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