The Tube

I’d like to take the time out to discuss something that deeply gets under my skin.
The early morning tube.
I get the tube from Stockwell, it is always a very traumatic time. I aim to be at the station before 8.15, otherwise I can say goodbye to any form of personal space.
As a person of very small stature I am always the unfortunate one who is pressed into some sweaty mans armpit. I know we’ve all been here and thought the same thing “why the hell have you not showered at this time in the morning?”
Why are you inflicting this on me? I have spent time making myself look/smell decent for work, why would you ruin this and make me smell like onions/garlic/booze/whateverfunkysmellisonyou.
I do not want your apologetic smile, I would like to take deodorant out of my bag and spray you with it.
Why can’t I be pressed against a very nice smelling human be it male or female? We all have to endure this torture, it would be nice to make the hell a little easier!
Furthermore, why on Earth are you inflicting your mood on me? Yes we are all angry we are up at this time to go to work. You may not have a job you particularly enjoy, you may have had a shitty night previously, or you may just be one of those angry people but damn it, I am not here for you to shove/push/give evils to because I can elbow you back twice as hard and give you such an evil look you will actually recoil for fear I will fuck your shit up.
Everyone has shit that they are going through but there is not need to bring this shit with you on the tube and trudge it all over your fellow passengers.

I will tell you a story that made me chuckle. Anyone who lives in oval and has to take the Northen line tube into central is screwed. The trains are so packed, if I lived in Oval I’d take the extra time to get to Stockwell or there is no way I’d get to work.
On this particular day it was extremely rammed where I was practically pressed up against the doors, I could see no way anyone from Oval was going to make their way onto this carriage. As the doors opened a man stepped back in disbelief of how packed this train was.
But wait
It was not a step back of disbelief it was a run up.
He took a step back to then hurl himself onto the carriage repeatedly saying Sorry. Everyone on the tube sighed and tutted. I however was giggling, it was epic, there was no way that the could have got on but he did and I was mentally giving him a high five.

I just wanted to have a little rant/break away from my traumatic operation situation. Running has not happened this week, my motivation has been zilch and yes it has been because I am feeling sorry for myself. Coupled with the fact I am tired constantly! I will be getting back into this week as it might be the last few runs I can have before I have said operation.

Le sigh. I will just have to sit back and see how it all pans out.

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