A few posts ago I said that I would be embarking on a new diet called FODMAP. This is to reduce the symptoms of IBS that comes with having IBD.
I was under no pretence that this would “cure” me of the issues I have been having with my Pouchitis. However I need to try different things in attempt to try and live medication free.
I have not managed to complete more than a week of this diet.
This is partly due to my seriously lack of will. It amazes me that I am strong enough to go through what I have, but stick chocolate/tasty bread/cakes in front of me and I cave; crying whilst I eat what is on the dreaded NOT ALLOWED list.
It’s also partly due to sneaky fodmaps lurking in foods that I wouldn’t have thought it to be in.
From previous experience I am aware that my pouch is in love with marshmellows. For some reason, perhaps the gelatine, it slows down transit quite nicely.
Wanting a sweet treat I picked up a rice crispie square. My pouch also loves rice crispies, so I thought it was a win win situation here.
Tucking into the amazingness that is the rice crispie square I decide to glance at the ingredients.
And there, glinting at me in its wickedness was the word Fructose.
What is fructose doing in my rice crispie square?
Other more obvious and yet annoying ones are onion and garlic powder that pop up in all soups/stocks.
I can’t eat out at most places because the majority of sauces will have onion and garlic in the base.
Burger places are excellent, providing the meat hasn’t got onion or garlic, as I can eat the burger and a side salad. Ha who am I kidding, chips. I was trying to take the moral high ground there and pretend that I eat salad with my burgers. I always go for chips, and if I don’t I’ll stare hungrily at yours like a dog until you ask me if I want one.  
Eating out limits me to plain rice, salads, without the offending cous cous, and wedges.
Lunch has to be prepared in advance or I will have to succumb to something containing fodmaps as there are no quick fixes in the “lunch-on-the-go” department.
Snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter, which are amazing but I am not entirely sure whether my pouch likes peanut butter, or even rice cakes for that matter!
I am deeply confused as to what is setting my pouch off and what isn’t.
As a result of this I have decided to cut back to epic proportions and am living on rice, chicken, potatoes and porridge, providing the milk is lacto free. I have only started this and it is going to be so hard I might cry a little bit.
I dislike eating the same thing day in, day out but for me to figure out what is bad for me I need to first stick to what I know is good so I can pinpoint what is aggravating my pouch.
They do say that it can take 24 months for the pouch to settle down completely, and considering I am only 8 months down, it still has a while to sort itself out. I have read of people’s pouches only settling down after 9months, sometimes a year. Perhaps mine is a slow starter.
Saying that maybe my pouch is just angry. He’s annoyed that he now has to do more than his job description and is making me pay for it. If my intestine had a fist he’d be shaking that bad boy vigorously.
Or giving me the middle finger.

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