One ticket to rantsville please.

I’ve been trawling the internet for the past few weeks for blogs about FODMAP or any information about colitis/Jpouch being helped along by change of diet.

I have found some amazing blogs detailing the diet, a few go as far to post a few recipes, which is amazing but then, out of the blue, all the posts stop. 
Where have the wondrous bloggers disappeared to? Was it just to difficult to re wire your brain from wheat/dairy to quinoa/rice milk? (I have yet to have quinoa but have heard it taste like bum. However rice milk, I can tell you from experience, tastes like bum. Not that I’ve tasted bum, so technically this whole point is redundant. On the other hand saying “it tastes bad” just doesn’t have the quality I’m looking for. Right. Moving on.)
In fact this whole post is just to tell you all how frustrating it is about the lack of information there is about seeing this diet through. 
There is plenty of information about the diet, what it stands for, what you can’t have, what you can have yada yada yada but what about information about a recipe that actually tastes good. And to the point isn’t ridiculously expensive? 
The health food store in all its hippie glory is so expensive! I went in there to buy some peanut butter that wasn’t loaded with sugar and nearly cried. FOUR POUNDS? For a tiny jar something that is meant to be good for me that I can stick on my rice cakes so it doesn’t taste like bum? There’s the bum again. 
I wish I could meet a chef and we can set up a little fodmap cafe for all the people out there with dietary issues, because as amazing as the gluten, wheat free places are, what about those of us who can’t have onion or garlic? 
Why are we reduced to a stinky salad, which by the way I can’t even eat too much because too many leafy greens go straight through me and I end up sitting on the toilet perfecting my French braid technique.
I can only hope that  this diet thing will get easier because right now its like smacking my head against a brick wall. 
Till then, I shall bid you all adieu and grudgingly eat my buckwheat flakes with rice milk. 

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