Managing Stress

How many times has your Doctor/Surgeon/Gastroenterologist said to you,

“Try not to get too stressed,” Followed by a patronising pat.

Er, Doctor, have you ever encountered this thing called life?

Generally, life can be pretty stressful. But stress will worsen symptoms of a flare, or even bring on a flare.

So how can we avoid it?

We can’t. Well, I can’t and if there’s anyone out there who can, can you tell me? Or at least make a book for me to read?

I prefer it when the medical profession aren’t so patronising, and use the term ‘managing stress’, because at some point we’re all going to encounter it. I do find though the way we deal with stress can help lessen a flare.

How do I manage stress?

Honestly, not so well. I am a flapper. Meaning I will essentially run around in circles like a mad woman muttering scenarios under my breath and using crazy gestures with my hands. Do not approach me in this state. I have a mad look in my eyes, and I will hurt you. I’m like a wild beast that’s all good, until our eyes connect. Once that eye contact is established you’re doomed and you should run as fast as you can.

Recently I have been getting back into my meditating, though I will admit yesterday evening was not the best. I was sitting there, focusing on my breathing and as I haven’t meditated in a long while my mind would not quieten, and for some absurd reason started singing Backstreet Boys “I want it that way”

I do find though that meditation and yoga help with my stress levels. I am constantly thinking, and so the act of taking some time out to focus on my breath or yoga poses, and quieten the chatter of my mind help me calm down.

Watching a sad or happy film; listening to music helps me to get emotion out. After having that accupunture session, I’ve realised that I hold onto my emotions so anything that can help me trigger that emotion to let it out, will benefit me and help lower my stress levels.

The past week has been one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had to deal with in a long time and I am so pleased to say that my Pouch has been okay.

Sure I have bled a couple of times, gurgling cow has made a rude uninvited appearance, but Pouch wise, I have been doing really well.

I won’t patronise you and say that if you’re flaring try not to stress, because its unavoidable, but please do find a way to ease that it.

What do you guys do to manage your stress levels? Maybe they might help others reading this.

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