Life Update

It’s been a while hasn’t it folks! I’m sorry for my lack of posting, I’ve been a tad busy. That and I had a bit of writers block.

Sure, I had ideas about posts but when it came to writing them, I’d look at the screen in fear, go to type and just draw blank.

I know, a cup of tea. That will sort me out nicely and I can get on writing the post.

One cup of tea later and the inspirational lightening bolt that I’m waiting to strike has eluded me.

Hm. Maybe tomorrow.

Before I know it, days have become weeks and I’m starting to feel frustrated.

I wrote a few posts but they just weren’t what I wanted to say and so I have decided to take a few steps back.

I used to love writing my blog because I would tell you all what I was doing with my life. It wasn’t just about having IBD and issues that arise with having it, it was about how I coped on a day to day basis with having IBD.

Some posts weren’t even related to IBD but I enjoyed writing about my life and so, that is what this post is about.

My life.

What am I doing at the moment?

Well I’m in a small town called Hervey Bay with a good friend of mine doing my regional work.

Regional work? To extend my visa for another year I have to do 3 months specified work in a certain area.

I, my friends, am working in a bamboo nursery! Day to day jobs include weeding, potting plants, moving plants and trying not to be ambushed by spiders and mozzies.

Today I found a small spider that jumped. Er, hello? As if Australia didn’t already have enough issues with their spiders, I have found one that jumps? What is with this country!!!

Being in a small town means I’m completely out of my comfort zone. Its pushing me to experience life in a different way and I am most definitely growing as a person.

Coming to Australia has been such an amazing experience for me already, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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