Here’s to health

I’ve been in Australia for seven months now, I know I can’t quite believe it either!

Its so strange to think that moving to a different country can improve your health. I haven’t been this healthy in a long time! Its a massive relief to be able to incorporate more foods into your diet.

I must admit, I have been quite naughty recently and have had more wheat than I should have but it hasn’t been effecting me as much as it usually does! I am in under no pretences that my Pouch will be completely normal and that I would be able to eat wheat regularly again, I really don’t think copious amounts of it sit well with me, however, its nice to think that occasionally I might be able to have some and not get sick.

I’ve been trying to wrack my brains as to why I am suddenly healthy. I’ve only had two flares since I’ve been here, I don’t bleed as much and I’m not as constantly dizzy as I used to be. Perhaps its the sunshine? Or that the lifestyle here is a lot more relaxed? Or maybe that there is more scope to be active such as walks along the beach and swimming?

Or could it be the supplements I am taking? I take something called Synbac which has probiotics and slippery elm in it to repair the lining of the intestine.

I was also taking something called gut relief which aided in helping the symptoms of IBS and reducing inflammation.

Or could it be that the Pouch is finally settling? The doctors did say that it could take up to 24 months for the Pouch to settle fully, and if that’s the case I still have another two months for it to settle completely.

Who knows what it is. All I know is that my health has most definitely improved since I have come over here which is amazing.

Now its just to tackle my sleepiness and getting dehydrated all the time. Also, it would be nice for the bleeding to stop all together. I also have some other niggles, but they’re a bit too grim to share!!

I’m thinking of when my income is a little more stable, and when I am in Sydney, to find a Naturopath who specialises in IBD and see where that might take me.

There are exciting times ahead of me. I hope that I can one day get to a state where I am completely healthy. Till then, I’m just enjoying this new found state of healthiness.

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