Lets Celebrate


I missed international nurses day. I wanted to write a post for the day, which is the 12th of May, but alas. I forgot.

Ah well.

Better late than never I suppose.

To be honest, the care that I have received at Guys and St Thomas’ is freakin’ awesome and the nurses that I have encountered have been great, all bar one who actually made me cry. I am not joking, and I can’t remember exactly what went down because I was off my face on morphine but I do remember her saying “Don’t you think you should be worrying about other things?” and then I burst into tears.


The nurse I would like to celebrate in particular is my stoma nurse.

She really helped me cope with having an ileostomy. She wasn’t just a nurse to me, someone who I would see upon appointment, but she’d let me sit there and spew all the crap, pun not intended, that I was going through.

Fiona did her job amazingly well, such as help me find a barrier cream when the skin around Tin Tin, became sore.

By the way, if you’re new to the blog, I called my stoma Tin Tin.

She helped me find different bags when Tin Tin became naughty and decided it wanted to leak all the time. She gave me advice and yes I know that its her job to do this, but she gave me the time of day.

She made me feel that it was okay to sometimes feel really down about having a stoma, she didn’t just rush me out the door and make me feel like a number, like I so often felt with my surgeon. Fiona took the time to really get to know how I was doing.

If I had a problem and it was outside of an appointment, she still took the time to have a chat with me and give me advice. To someone else, these may seem like small, obvious things that a nurse should be doing but I’ve heard some horrible stories.

People have often said that I am brave for having to cope with a stoma at a young age, but when you have amazing people behind you, it is so much easier.

So here’s to you Fiona. Thank you for helping me through my struggles and making me feel like I mattered. Thanks for being so awesome at your job and thanks listen to me ramble on about life, you are an amazing nurse and I couldn’t have been as strong as I was if you were not there.

Thank you.

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