Toilet related trauma

My previous post, Think before you speak seems to have gone done quite well so I’ve decided I would share some of my pet peeves that come with having IBD. I have heaps, so I will have to break them down into categories and today I bring you “Toilet related trauma”

No toilet roll.

This must be every IBD’ers nightmare. It has only happened to me once where I have realised I have no toilet roll in the house and no shop is open to get some. Luckily, I had some pocket tissues. Never making that mistake again. Ever.

Going to the toilet in public.

I hate it, but have had to get over my fear because its either that, or poop myself.

Going to the toilet in public and farting just as someone walks in.

Coast is clear, I can relax, do my business and BAM someone else is in the bathroom with me. Or what about when you’re going and you think “it won’t be so bad, I’ve done it before and no one has known” and then you let out the most gigantic fart of all time. Just me? Oh dear.

Or worse

Thinking you’re alone in the public bathroom, doing your business and then realising that you’re not.

God, a little piece of me dies when this happens and I instantly want the toilet to just eat me. They do the little cough that translates as “I’m extremely embarrassed that I can hear you but I’m not sure how to let you know so I’m going to cough and hope you realise you’re not alone” It never gets any easier using public toilets.

Someone walks into the cubicle you’ve just used.


I always want to apologise and say “I can’t help it, I have IBD” but hey, they’re not going to care, the only thing they’re concerned about is whether they’re making it out of the cubicle alive.

Going to a friends house and using the bathroom when someone is in the room next door.

This, right here, is the main reason I don’t stay overnight at peoples houses. I like to poop in peace. I need the bathroom a lot, and I usually wake up several times in the night and I don’t want to feel like I am waking any one else up.

I like to feel comfortable and unfortunately, staying at a friends makes me feel uneasy because as much as I talk about poop, and all of my friends know about my disease, I don’t like every one hearing me when I go.

I’ve had IBD for nearly 6 years now and the problems that pop up never really go away. I just learn to deal with them better, and for the most part, laugh about it.

What are some of your toilet related trauma’s? Do you have ways of coping with the embarrassment?






  1. Rachel   •  

    I have another one.. Public toilets that don’t flush! Nothing worse!

    • Stephanie White   •  

      Haha! That’s so true Rachel, I also hate having to do the “double flush” but no flush is far, far worse!

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