You have to listen

Recently I spoke about how well I’m doing within my running but with the good, evidently comes the bad and I want to tell you about that too.

I was aiming for my longest run. So far the furthest I have gone is 4.51 miles, which is about 7k and my aim was to go just a little bit further.

Though the majority of my runs have been quite tiresome, I thought it was a reasonable goal. I’ve been getting a teeny bit faster with my 5k’s and thought a long distance run was in the cards.

My pouch thought otherwise.

I did manage to get about 2 miles done before my pouch started to spasm. I ran through the first couple, hoping they would ease, but when the third one hit, I thought it was best to quit whilst I was ahead and just walk the rest.

It was a hard for me to do, and I’m actually really proud of myself.

Proud that I stopped? Wait, hear me out.

I like to push myself and I can be one stubborn cookie sometimes. I know that I should rest, or take time out but I don’t because I  don’t want to seem like I can’t do something.

Before, if that pouch spasm had happened I would have powered on through it and most probably set myself back a few paces.

I’m finally learning that sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back before you can move forward. Yes it can be frustrating, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense but the important thing is to listen to your body when its telling you something. I’ve battled with my body so much because I want to be able to do things like everyone else. To be able to make plans and see them through but sometimes, my body has other ideas and where I used to ignore it, I’m now learning to work with, instead of against.

So for any of you guys who are having trouble at the moment and are getting frustrated that you can’t move forward with your plans, remember that it’s okay. You’ll get there eventually.

How are you all doing? Pop me a comment or an email and get in touch.

Take care, stay strong and keep smiling.

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