Lets push things forward

It’s all kicking off in my life at the moment, and for once, in such an amazingly beautiful way, it takes my breathe away.

You can’t appreciate all the amazing things that happen to you if you haven’t had some struggle on the way. And as a lot of you know it’s all been a bit haywire since January.

When we last spoke I was in Sydney trying to get a job. I managed to get one in a cafe North Bondi on the beach.
It was a great place, the people were lovely but when I left and was told I got the job I wasn’t filled with the excitement that I anticipated.
I sat on the beach, and thought to myself, why am I not happy right now?
I’m in Sydney, which is such a beautiful place by the way, you must go! I’ve got a job on the beach which is what I wanted all those months ago when I left the UK, and this is what I was striving for when I was in Hervey Bay.

But in my heart I knew something was not right.
I looked at the tons of people in the beach running around in tiny shorts, I overheard cocky surfers on their way to catch their waves and I realised it just wasn’t my scene. People actually live in gym gear in the Eastern suburbs. Like come on guys.

Sure, it may have been what I thought I wanted, I had created an image in my mind of what I wanted my life to be like whilst in Australia, I didn’t actually think that I might not enjoy it!

So I walked back to where I was staying and searched for a few jobs in Melbourne and within a couple of hours had arranged an interview with a cafe/restaurant and booked my flights for the next day.

The beauty of having no ties is that you can do whatever you want, whenever the hell you want.

And so here I am. Back in Melbourne having an awesome time, meeting awesome people. I’ve been here since Tuesday and managed to get three jobs! Don’t worry I’m not a greedy money grabbing lady! I turned down the pub job because of the crazy hours, (have to think of my health here) and one of the jobs is only on a Friday night to help out a friend.

So. That’s what’s cracking at the moment. So to all of you guys that are struggling at the moment push though it. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Back in 2010 when I had my emergency op I didn’t think I’d make it to Australia. But here I am, having the time of my life.
Stay strong my lovelies.

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