Ibd and alcohol

Oh dear.

I’ve become one of the bloggers who’s health becomes better and disappear off the face of the Earth.

I am still here! I disappeared partly because as a traveller, trying to get internet, or at the least internet long enough to post, can be very tricky.

And partly because, well, I’ve been very well these past few months and I’ve been living life to the best of my ability.

I have in no way forgotten about this site and it does pain me that I haven’t been on here half as much as I should but I took the new found freedom of partying till mad hours for days and sort of run with it. Or stumbled, if you will.

So, in the spirit of partying lets talk alcohol shall we?

Gosh its a tricky one. I know for me that alcohol can exasperate the symptoms and with all my might I would try to avoid it but growing up as a teenager with IBD, a uni student and then a 20 something it is SO HARD to avoid alcohol.

To be honest my resolve is appaling.

“Guys I’m not drinking tonight” 20 minutes later I’ve got a beer in my hand and I’m screaming “SHOOOOTS”

Not a good time for the tummy.

I commend any young’un who can withstand the peer pressure of friends and not drink on a night out. You’re amazing and I wish I had the willpower.

So how did I get through it? Honestly, sometimes I didn’t. The day after I would be sick as a dog and usually it’s not even worth it. Just another night on the town where nothing terribly exciting happens but the fear of missing out was just too much for myself.

These days I don’t touch cider or overly sugary drinks. I end up in so much pain that I usually have to leave the night early.

I, on occasion, have beer because I really enjoy it. I drink red wine but I advise to stay away from cheap wine. Not only will it mess the tummy but the headache the day after is just far too intense. I tend to stick to Vodka sodas. Not too sugary and they don’t give me too much trouble.

Remember to drink water when you’re drinking alcohol, it always helps, and of course is something I forget!

Once again, I just want to point out that by saying what I drink I’m not implying that you should go out and drink it and you’ll be fine. I’m just letting you know what I drink because lets face it guys, growing up and not going out for a night on the town with your mates is hard.

Having a stoma and drinking. I found that I could drink anything as long as I took loperamide. Saying that, I once drank too much and my bag split in bed soooo… yeah. You just have to be careful.

How do you deal with the hangover the next day?

Oh those pesky hangovers where you feel that there are tiny men with jack hammers drilling away at your head.

I drink a SHED load of water before I go to bed and the next day I have a hyrdalyte (dioralyte for those in the UK) and bobs your uncle. Its still not a pretty sight, but I can function.

That’s all I have to offer on the subject, and as I’m closing I will raise the glass of wine that I am drinking and say cheers. Good Luck!

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