Persuit of Happiness

Thats what lifes about really. We strive for happiness. You could say that what you would like is money or clothes etc but that all leads to one goal. Happiness.
Walking around London and the lack of happiness is unreal. Everyone is moody, in a rush to get somewhere, no ones smiling. Its quite a sad sight to see.
Everybody is always striving for more. A better job, car, girlfriend/boyfriend,house… the list is endless.
But what makes us truley happy?
Surely it should be around the lines of great friends, family, good health, a roof over our heads?
Unfortunatly though these are definately things that are taken for granted.
The reason I ask this question was because I myself recently was complaing of being unhappy. As the majority of you know I have had a major operation and certain aspects are far from pleasent. Its tough but when I really sit down to think about it there is so many things that I should be thankful for and a lot of these things make me very happy.
I have an amazing family. Friends that I are just the tits! Sometimes it blows me away how lucky I am to have these people in my life. I have the best boyfriend in the world (I know a lot of people claim they have the best boyfriend but my boyfriend is sooper. Fact.)
I have a roof over myhead which I dont pay any rent for! An extremely rare find in London and Im not living with my mum either!
Other things that make me happy are Tea, Muller Corner Yoghurts, Listening To Australian/New Zealanders and finding out some of the weird things they say, Superman pj’s. Sushi (thanking you Mia for coming with me to Yo sushi last night. Was the tits) Alcohol fuelled times, Funny tshirts, Sunshine, new clothes… man the list is endless. Why cant we all just take a little bit of time out in our lives to appreciate what we all have and I think deep down you’ll see that you’re a lot happier than you think

And So

Welcome to TheAdventuresOfSuperSteph. 
Ive created this blog because in a year I will be (fingers crossed) In the lovely land of Australia 😀 and I figure this is an easy way to let people know about my travels. 
But during the year leading up to Aussie Land I (as most of you know) have to undergo two surgeries. Lame. 
What better way to keep myself entertained than to create this blog 🙂
Im not going to lie, some of these blogs are going to be pretty damn tedious, full of rants and weird things that my friends and I get up to. Feel free to skip along but I have always found writing very therapeutic so Im doing this for my own sanity and hoping I may entertain some of you along the way. 
My first blog begins with an extremely boring day. 
I had a meeting for work about planning for Christmas… Yes I am fully aware that it is Early September but there we are. 
I feel slightly violated that two hours of my day were completely robbed, moreover that I had to get up early for it as well. Not a happy chappy. 
So there I am at the back of the room, not particularly wanting to join in the festivities (pardon my pun) and then wham. Group Activities. Joy.
“Lets brainstorm guys, think about what your pub did last year and any improvements you can make this year as Christmas Ambassadors”
Hm. How about I slit my wrists with this butter knife thats in front of me? An extremely excruciating task but surely better than this dribble. 
You know things are bad when some one tries to make a joke with you about biscuits.  
Some one save me please!