Liver Update

Just a quick update, my liver levels have been consistently normal for the past 3 months. This, my friends is exciting news and I’ll be off steroids within the next month. I’m also hoping that because my liver’s had a break from being inflamed and aggravated, that it will be able to fix some of the damage that has been caused. The liver is awesome like that.

Health wise I have been going from strength to strength. I’ve started exercising regularly and have been socialising like a maniac to make up for lost time. Which, now I’ve had my fill, definitely needs to calm down because soon I’m hoping to be in full time employment.

I need to learn to listen to my body properly because I do this to myself every time I’ve been poorly.

I get sick, I take time off to get better, go crazy with things to do and then end up tired and sick again because I just haven’t paid attention to those subtle clues.

You’d think that having lived with IBD since I was 19 I’d finally get the messages, but I’m stubborn and have acquired a few terrible habits such as not wanting to seem as though I can’t do everything that people my age are doing, and also, just not knowing when to say no.

This time round has been the longest I’ve had to take out from work, even after my operations – which seems crazy – but unfortunately, this time round really hit me mentally and so it took me longer to recover.

Going forward my plan is to try and strengthen my immune system/liver as much as possible so that in the next two years I can come off Azathioprine. Some of you may know from previous posts how much I hate being on medication, so the thought of lifelong medication doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. I also don’t exactly like the thought of being on Azathioprine for the next few years. The drug can cause some pretty nasty side effects long term (I’m looking at you increased risk of melanoma and lymphoma) so the sooner I can get off it, the better.

No doubt I will keep you all updated on experiments.  I did try some Ayervedic practices mixed with some Chinese herbs but as I was on steroids as well, I couldn’t actually see if it was doing anything or if it was the steroids just doing their thing. So I stopped. I still have some left over so may try it again, it can be tricky though because the last thing I want to do is try something that will upset my liver and the majority of my consultants aren’t thrilled with the idea of alternative medicine practices, despite finding that they have helped my IBD quite a bit.

I find it can be very complicated, all the doctors I have come across in London, bar one, are very adamant that alternative therapies do not work and have discouraged me to use any. However in Australia I met a few that were quite open to certain types of therapies and as I said above, it really helped with my IBD.

I would like to research a naturopath because some peeps that I used to see in Melbourne were incredible, but I found them through recommendation, which I have found the best way for alternative therapies. It helps to weed out the weirdos and the ones who really don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

I remember once in London trying an acupuncturist who was mediocre at best but didn’t have a reference to compare it to. It wasn’t until I was taken to one on the Gold Coast did I realise the help that acupuncture can be. You can read the post here.

So yes. In short, things are on the up. I still have a long way to go but I’m getting there, albeit very slowly.

Stay well


Amazing Acupuncture Man

What is Acupuncture?

“Traditional acupuncturists believe that the underlying principle of treatment is that illness and pain occur when the body’s qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. There can be many reasons for this; emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, infection or injury are among the most common. By inserting ultra-fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, a traditional acupuncturist seeks to re-establish the free flow of qi to restore balance and trigger the body’s natural healing response”

To see the full article, check out

When my Pouchitis was in full flare, I remember thinking I would try anything, absolutely anything in an attempt to try and solve this. Prolonged pain usually does lead to acts of desperation.

Hence how I found myself at the door of a Chinese medicine clinic, thinking why the hell not.

After my initial consultation, I was taken to a small room and had my pulse, on both wrists, taken. I was asked to lie on a table and then began the weird sensation of having needles, I can only describe as flicked, into different parts of my body. None of them hurt, it was just a weird experience. Especially when he left me for twenty minutes listening to some bizarre bird music with some tinkling in the background.

I won’t lie, after the session I felt nothing, but had somehow managed to end up with more consultations. I thought that maybe it takes time for me to feel a difference. In hindsight, my gut was telling me to bail. I should have listened but again, when you’re sick you manage to convince yourself that it could work if only you try.

Needless to say after the sessions, I was only left with a giant gap in my account and an overwhelming sense that I would never get better.

Since I have come to Australia, I have been trying different things to try and achieve health.

One of these, is acupuncture.

I was unsure as to whether this would do anything; after all I wasn’t exactly thrilled after my first experience.

As this was on the recommendation from a very trusted source (The Boy’s Mother) I thought why not.

Off we went, and the usual ensued. I was asked to write down my problems, what I eat on a regular basis, pulse taken and tongue checked.

I hopped onto the table, had the needles flicked in but this time, when he put the needle in a point on my foot I felt this overwhelming rush of emotion. I needed to cry but I didn’t want to cry in front of a stranger! I don’t know this dude, how am I going to cry on his acupuncture table?

He could obviously feel some discomfort and said to me that it was okay to cry, that the emotions need to come out.

So I started to cry and he put more needles in me and with everyone I started to cry harder and harder until I was sobbing. I tried after every needle went in to stop but the emotion was so overwhelming. It was like it was pouring out of me.

Once he had finished with the needles, he came by my head and pressed some points and I started laughing, this uncontrollable laughter just rose up and escaped. I tried to cram it back in, I had just spent 5 minutes sobbing uncontrollably, but it wouldn’t stop.

Once he had left me for 20 minutes I lay on the table and initially I was really confused. I was trying to work out what he had done, why I had felt like that and what was going on. In the end I decided to not question what happened. For some reason, it had and I was just going to go with it.

When the session had finished, Amazing Acupuncture Man had simply said that I had been blocking emotion. When he puts the needles in, he is trying to restore the balance within the body and emotion has to come out somehow.

Fair enough.

I’ve had a few more sessions since then and thankfully I have not had the same intense experience but I feel a shift within me every time I leave the table.

One session will leave me so whacked, I need to come home and sleep, others leave me feeling peaceful and calm.

There are a lot of articles out there saying why acupuncture does or does not work. All I know is what I felt and so far I do believe it is helping.

I feel a little more in control of my emotions, and a little more grounded. Even if this doesn’t help me on my path of trying to achieve success with my IBD, at least it will help my overall health and state of mind!