Lazy Girl Running

As I shut down my computer last night from work I thought of the evening that lie ahead. I figured I’d go home, sort out my flat as I hadn’t unpacked all of my things and settle down to a nice, aggressive football match.
I thought then knocked and rudely made a mess of my plans “You haven’t run in a week.”
Oh. Yeah. That.
 “This marathon isn’t going to run itself you know”
Yes, I am fully aware of that brain.
Dumping my belongings on my bed when I got home I stared at my trainers. My beautiful Nike trainers. The ones that I could not wait to test out when I had first brought them now lay in the corner of the room.
I sat on my bed and sighed. The trainers, bright orange, were coaxing me to go for a run. “I see; I was just a fad, an infatuation. You don’t really want to be a runner. You just dabble and pretend that you run on a regular basis!”
I gasped! “It’s not true” I said, “I’ve been running three times weekly since February!” Better than my sporadic attempts where I would run twice, finish the week on a long run and end up not running for a week after.
The trainers tried a different tact.
“You were so excited when you first got me, showing me to your friends, excited to be running in your new trainers, what about now?”
Indeed. What about now.
With a deep sigh I hauled myself off the bed and begun to change, promising myself that the sooner I had done my run the sooner I could curl up on the sofa and watch the football.
Off I went running beside the park, a run I had not done for a while because I lived in Stockwell.
Suddenly without warning I realised that I had tears in my eyes.
“Oh God, what’s the matter with her now?” My brain asked, “Body, you okay down there? Are you in any pain?”
“No, everything’s fine here,” Body replied drinking in the crisp night air
“She’s lost it; she’s gone cookoo, why are you crying?”
“Because I’m happy”
“Heart. I should have known it would have been you.”
“But brain just think, this time last year I couldn’t run through the park without stopping, now I’m doing a whole length around it! Don’t you think that’s an achievement?”
“Yes, but there’s no need to cry about it”
And the tears disappeared as quickly as they came.
One thing I have learnt about running is that it is an emotional journey as well as a physical one.
To know that two years ago I could have died, yeah it’s a bit dramatic but if you leave a dodgy colon in place it will eventually burst. I’ve gone from knocking around illness playground to being able to run 4.2 miles without stopping. So yes, occasionally I do get quite emotional on some of my runs when it hits me how unbelievably amazing my body is.
In fact, it’s amazing what all of our bodies can do. They are wondrous and you should never take them for granted. They can be pushed in unimaginable ways and come back even stronger.
 I’m done with my “Oh my god” life is wonderful speech. It’s just really nice to be in a position where I can appreciate the amazing things in my life from a doing perspective rather than a wishing one.

Motivational Speech

My first post about how my running is going!

This morning the run KICKED MY ASS.
Like, I mean, took me by the scruff of my neck, gave me a wedgie and flushed my head down the toilet kind of kicked my ass.
I just could not get into it this morning. My pace was off, my concentration was all over the place and more importantly my breathing was in ruins!

I glanced over at this wondrous creature beside me who was pulling off a 5k with ease, with a slight film of sweat on her brow.
Flick back to me and I was drinking in the air like it was the list 5 minutes of the happy hour at a cocktail bar. My face was so red I’m pretty sure I looked like I was about to explode and I was sweating so much my earphones kept popping out my ears.
Yup. I am one attractive lady when I run.

I wanted to stop so many times during that run but I kept telling myself to just put one foot in front of the other, that’s all you have to keep doing.

My Just giving dontation page is up and running and I am already overwhelmed by the support I have received. I’d like to take the time out briefly to mention a couple of people here not because their donation means more, but in theory I am running for these guys too
Becky, Rob, Gemma and Rio
These guys have had colitis and furthermore have all had stomas or still have stomas. These guys have been people who really and truly get what I mean when I say I am having a seriously shit day. They have supported me and listened to me when I’ve needed to vent about stuff and given me advice/hope when things have got bad.
When I am slogging my guts out at the gym and I think I can’t do it any more these are the faces that pop up and I think I just have to keep on going.

When I run, I’m not just running for me. I’m running for every single person out there who has Crohns and Colitis. For every person who has felt ashamed, felt pain and anguish, felt like they couldn’t continue and that the disease would beat them.

I’m running this 10k to raise awareness for the strong people out there who have to suffer with this disease in silence.

This isn’t just about making money for charity its for getting this all out in the open. The more people I reach with this the better, so when you read my blogs, I would seriously appreciate it if all of you could pass on this website to everyone you know. Hell they don’t need to donate, don’t get me wrong it would be nice, give me 10p if that’s all you have, but just get people talking about IBD share my story, get the word out there.

And now that I’ve gone all Barrack Obama on yo asses (I just mean in the sense of motivational speaking before I get some kind of abuse) I am going to have a nice long soak to ease my tired muscles.